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Scotch Beef

Scottish beef production is centred on the specialist beef breeds, such as Aberdeen Angus, Galloway, Charolais and Limousin. This and the unique environment in which their cattle are raised contributes to a product many connoisseurs and top chefs believe is the best in the world.

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  "Our sausages are prepared using the finest ingredients."

Wherever possible we use free range meat and we do make every effort to use GM-free ingredients.

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English Dry Cured Bacon

  There’s bacon, then there’s English dry cured bacon.

Dry cured by hand using sea salt and unrefined brown sugar, it has a flavour that harks...

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Peachcroft Farm Turkeys and Geese
  Traditionally reared, succulent farm fresh free range turkeys and geese especially for the Christmas market, are available this Christmas from Peachcroft Farm a family-run Oxfordshire farm.

The Homewood family have been farming at Peach Croft since 1931. In those early days they concentrated on mixed livestock and arable, but even then included quality turkeys for the Christmas market.

Now owned and run by Bill Homewood with the help of his wife Kim and three daughters, Hannah, Nancy and Katy they are proud to represent the third generation of the Homewood family, continuing the tradition of producing top quality free range turkeys and geese.

Set in the middle of rural Oxfordshire, the grassy paddocks and fields are ideal for their small flocks of birds to roam about and enjoy themselves during the day, while at night they bed them down on the farm’s home produced fresh straw.

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  The majority of our venison is sourced from Forestry Commission land in Scotland. FCS manages the National Forest Estate covering 9% of Scotland's land area.

As part of land management FCS is monitoring sustainable management of the wild deer populations. (Red, Roe, Sika and Fallow deer) Its aim is to nurture healthy deer populations that are in balance with the natural environment, its living ecosystems and integrated land use which form the National Forest Estate.

In doing so, it is able to provide quality wild venison to the market.

PRIVATE ESTATES: A substantial part of our venison is sourced from private estates in the very heart of the Scottish Highlands. These estates follow strict protocol and streamlined standards for food production procedures. The quality work completed by keepers out on the hill is essential for a final prime product.

The gamekeepers’ respect for the deer, the land and following secure quality and traceability systems, ensure quality every stage, from hill to plate, and a premium product for the consumer.

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