Peach Croft Farm
Our turkeys are available in two types: Free Range Bronze Turkeys and Farmyard Reared Turkeys.

Both are delicious and will make a welcome centrepiece for your festive celebrations.

Peach Croft Farm’s award-winning traditionally reared turkeys are grown naturally and slowly to full maturity. They are free to roam in grassy paddocks and fields around the farm, enjoying a completely natural diet of cereals and vegetable protein.

Our delicious oven-ready turkeys couldn’t be easier to prepare. They arrive in a convenient carry-home box, complete with detailed cooking instructions and recipe leaflet. Everything has been made easy for you – including the finishing touch of fresh herbs.

Choose from either Peach Croft Farm Free Range Bronze Feathered Turkeys, (available in weights between 5kg and 11kg), or, Peach Croft Farm Farmyard Reared Turkeys, (available in weights between 4kg and 11kg). Both are delicious.
How to Order

Our Christmas order book is now open, you can now download an order form and return it to us.

You can return it either in person or by Telephoning your order to 01270 625302 (including placing your 25 non-refundable deposit), during our office hours of 8.30am to

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