Cheshire Pork
 It's a fact that traditionally reared old breeds of pork taste better than any other. Our pork which is sweet and moist with delicious crispy crackling and a meaty flavour that only comes from traditional rearing and a genuine care for the welfare of the animals.

Happier Pigs: Our suppliers aim to rear pigs in a natural, stress-free environment that have the right qualities to produce excellent pork.

They aim for a slightly greater fat covering which enhances the flavour while the beneficial environment helps improve flavour and taste.

Unlike other free-range farms they don’t take their pigs indoors to “finish” them. This usually involves taking the young pigs indoors to fatten them up and prepare them for market. They don’t follow this process! Their pigs live outdoors for the whole of their lives.

Quality Assurance: Scotch Beef assurance standards offer confidence in their product. Quality, safety, traditional husbandry and wholesomeness are all the key elements we are committed to provide throughout the supply chain.

As Nature Intended: They pride themselves in rearing pigs naturally and therefore, do not give any additives, growth promoters or antibiotics at any stage of the pig’s life. There aren’t many pig farms that can genuinely make this claim; they are one of the few.

 Joint   Price Kg  Joint  Price Kg
 Leg (boned & rolled).  0.00  Shoulder (boned & rolled).  0.00
 Loin (boned & rolled).  0.00  Pork Sausage.   0.00
 Chipolata Sausage.   0.00  Sausage Meat.   0.00
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