Scotch Beef
Scotland is renowned for producing some of the world's finest beef. It's a reputation built on generations of experience in raising livestock. It's this experience that delivers that most important thing.

Taste: Once tasted, never forgotten. Scotch Beef is raised in the idyllic environment of Scotland, with its fresh air, lush pastureland and rolling hills.

Scotch Beef comes from the 10,000 cattle farms across this beautiful land. Every farmer who is a member of Quality Meat Scotland Farm Assurance scheme is independently inspected each year to ensure our rigorous standards are met. So, you can be sure that where you see the Scotch Beef symbols you know that the meat you are buying is of an outstanding quality.

Quality Assurance: Scotch Beef assurance standards offer confidence in their product. Quality, safety, traditional husbandry and wholesomeness are all the key elements we are committed to provide throughout the supply chain.

In 1987 Scotland was the first country to introduce farm assurance standards to provide customers with the "independently audited" label to guarantee peace of mind.

The assurance scheme means that only animals from farms that meet the assurance standards are eligible to be classed as Scotch Beef. All of these farms are inspected annually and only then can the classification 'Scotch Beef'' be awarded to those cattle that have been born and raised on assured Scottish farms.

We pride ourselves on their assurance scheme as much as we pride ourselves on the taste of their Scotch Beef.

Character: The specialist breeds of livestock that produce Scotch Beef are specifically selected for the flavoursome meat they provide.

Classic beef dishes include beef with horseradish, steak and ale pie, and peppered beef steak with mashed potatoes. These favourites have been around for generations.

 Joint   Price Kg  Joint  Price Kg
 Rib on the Bone.  0.00  Rib (boneless).  0.00
 Sirloin (boneless).  0.00  Topside.   0.00
 Fillet Steak.  0.00  Sirloin Steak.   0.00

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